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IKON is an in-depth way of sharing with the world what the life of two young entrepreneurs constantly on the road travelling and working is really like. The set-up and execution of their widely marketed and diverse action sports films. Curtis Huisman and Johnny Korthuis endure endless hours of driving, filming, editing, performing, and creating for months at a time as they travel from contract to contract with no real idea where their next "home" may be. IKON brings to you the day to day drama of two 20 somethings sharing close quarters, the highs and lows of accomplishment vs failure, and the adrenaline fuelled thrill ride of capturing some of he worlds most exhilarating actions sports on film and the process of sharing it with the masses.

After touring around Florida filming an trials edit for CandieCo Clothing, we decided to postpone the release to find the perfect "aesthetic touch". We believed we'd find it in Las Vegas, so, 37 hours and one sweltering 90 degree night later, we found what we were looking for. Enjoy.
Contract: CandieCo Clothing
Rider: Johnny Korthuis
Camera: Curtis Huisman and Johnny
Shot on location in Tampa FL, Las Vegas NV, and Houston TX


This short clip was an idea Johnny had since he first saw some shots of Ryan Leech riding trials with a high speed camera back in 2002. He wanted those super slomotion details, combined with an ultra dynamic trick, in a quickly changing environment. Curtis then took his idea, and made it a reality.
Downtown Tampa FL, beautiful sunny day. Enjoy.



Alex Berrios is an amazing up and coming Muay Thai fighter. One of his sponsors Tufmed, hired us to film his Official Tufmed Athlete Profile. Hope you like it.
Contractor – Tufmed
Fighter – Alex Berrios
Song – Custom – Mikey Rukus

This web short was filmed in Taber Ab, as a simple promo for Curtis's clothing line AlwaysDTF (Down to film).
Good friends, good times.

This lifestyle video was created for the extremely unique Novo Watch company. It showcases some of Novo's athletes behind the scenes of their respected sports.
Contractor – Novo Watch
Camera – Cody Belter, Curtis Huisman

Candie Co Clothing has absolutely blown up in the recent years. This video was made to show where Candie Co has come in just 5 short years.
Contractor – Candie Co Clothing
Song – Urban Photograph – Urban Cone

The first of many multi sport videos showcasing Johnny Korthuis's vast array of skills in several sports. This "teaser" was filmed in several places across North America including Phoenix AZ, Kalispell MT, Red Rocks NV, and Lethbridge AB.
Camera – Curtis Huisman, Johnny Korthuis
Action – Johnny Korthuis